Throughout the years we had the pleasure of guiding wonderful people, each with their unique character, skillset and fitness level towards reaching their goals. Check out what a few of our TRAINFORYOU athletes have to say on their experience…
JAMES M. / 41 ENGINEER TrainForYou in words – Authentic. Dedicated. Dynamic. Effective.
JUTTA P. / 32 PROGRAMME MANAGER Thank you for pushing me to work the best that I can and for motivating me when I felt like I couldn’t go any further. I’m so happy that I’ve reached a point where working out and eating healthy have become my everyday life!
ROBERT M. / 39 MANAGER My trainer succeeded in what I had hoped for - motivating me to do sports on a regular basis despite my exhausting work schedule.
MAGALIE S. / 33 CONTENT MANAGER Grâce à ses programmes d'entraînement adaptés, structurés et motivants, TFY est un allié indispensable. Les séances avec TFY se déroulent toujours dans la bonne humeur, ce qui permet de souffrir sans s'en rendre compte.
HANNES S. / 49 CEO Focusing on mobility, balance and strength my PT´s training plan is the ideal addition to my endurance workout. My PT made me realise that my responsibility as CEO with a 70 hour week must not dictate the time of my training and now this is MY time!
TFY CROSS SPORTS - GROUP FITNESS CONCEPT / 22-29 The TrainForYou - workout concept consisting of skill development and conditioning, using bodyweight exercises and gymnastics equipment challenges every athlete. Motivation from the other group members pushes your limits! Thumbs up!
LISA N. / 21 STUDENT My PT re-introduced me to moving and working out on a regular basis and enabled me to lose the desired weight in a healthy, sustainable way.
NIKOLAUS S. / 27 STUDENT The received training concept showed me how to effortlessly integrate movement training into my existing physical activity. My PT's energy is contagious and brought back my motivation to an all-time high!